Install Carpet to Control Allergens

vacuum carpet

There are several instances online that suggest that carpet is bad for allergies and that hardwood or tile floor are better. We disagree.

This post will explain the reasons to install carpet to control allergens in and limit your exposure to allergens in the air in your home.


The reason some think carpet is bad for allergies is because carpet traps allergens, contaminants and toxins in its fibers.

Basically, your carpet is a giant air filter on the floor of your home. Dust particles, dirt and other allergens will float in the air until they eventually float down to the carpet. Then the allergens are trapped in the carpet until you vacuum the floor or hire a carpet cleaning company.

The allergens will never return to the air after they come into contact with the carpet. It’s true they’re still in your home, but they’re no longer a threat to your health unless you were to spend a lot of time lying on the carpet.

What’s the difference with tile and hardwood floor? The same thing happens where dust and dirt will circulate through the air in your home and eventually fall and settle onto the floor. However, with hardwood floor or tile floor, there is nothing that traps the allergens.

This means a breeze in your home or a brush of air from someone walking by will result in the dust and allergens floating off of the hardwood floor and into the air again. The longer the amount of time the dust is in the air the more likely the chance you or someone in your family breathe in the allergen.

This is why we prefer carpet for homes with allergen sufferers. The allergens are more likely to be in the carpet than in the air.

There is no evidence of carpet creating its own allergens or any other reason you would want to avoid it as the type of floor you choose for your home.

The good news is you can remove the allergens from the carpet whenever you want to too.

You just need to vacuum the floor two or three times every week to remove the allergens that recently floated onto the floor.

You can purchase a vacuum with a HEPA air filter too. You can also ensure the vacuum is more effective if you change the bag or canister often. If the canister is full before you start to vacuum, it will not properly contain all of the dust and dirt.

You can remove the deeper, embedded allergens from the carpet with an appointment from a professional carpet cleaner.

We recommend Chem-Dry. Their method for carpet cleaning has been proven to remove over 98% of allergens from carpet. You can learn more about their method for carpet cleaning here:

We hope this post helps you understand why carpet is a good choice for your home if you want to control allergens and reduce the amount of allergens in the air. We feel it is the best choice for flooring in your home.